Growing through
the brick floor

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Growing through the Brick Floor as well as other work completed by the author has received media attention in newspapers, radio and television:


Letters to the Editor



Herald Sun, 7th September 1994 -
"Going into battle"
by Diana Ruzzene Grollo

Sunday Herald Sun, 9th April 1995 -
"My father's good fight", by Diana Ruzzene Grollo

La Fiama, 12th June 1995 - "My father's good fight",
by Diana Ruzzene Grollo


Il Globo, 8th March 1995 - Memorie D'una donna
del nostro popolo cinquant'anni dopo -
by Diana Ruzzene Grollo

Il Globo, 30th June 1997 - Memorie d'una emigrante





Articles in the Media  

Trevisani nel Mondo, March 1996 - I bambini interpreti dei genitori
by Diana Ruzzene Grollo

Herald Sun Melbourne, 3rd July 1997

Weekend Books, 19th July 1997

Il Globo, 28th July 1997 - E' di Diana Ruzzene Grollo il libro piu' illuminate mai scritto sull'esperienza dell'emigrazione italiana in Australia
by Nino Randazzo

Il Progresso Italo-Australiano, August 1997 - The story of a migrant family from a woman's perspective

Herald Sun, Exposť - 9th August 1997 - Diana Ruzzene Grollo, Author
Interviewed by Genevieve Lally

La Fiamma, Sydney, 18th August 1997 - Un libro illuminante sull'esperienza dell'emigrazione italiana in Australia
By Nino Randazzo

The Passeggiata of Exile - The Italian story in Australia, Edited by Robert Pascoe & Jarlath Ronayne,
27th August 1997

-Italy's people and the crisis of 1943, by Diana Ruzene Grollo

Millenio Periodico bilingue del Co.As.It. Melbourne
Incorporating the Italian Historical Society Journal,  September 1997 -
Book Review, quote by Prof. Robert Pascoe

Trevasani nel Mondo Italy, September 1997 - Crescere fra i mattoni

La Fiamma, 3rd September 1998 - Speech of Associazione da circoli pensionati Italiani del Victoria

Dante Oggi, June 1999

Italian Historical Society, Journal, June - July 1999

Dante Oggi, September 1999 - Speech at Salotto della Dante

El Sil, edizione aggiornata aprile 2004 -
Scrittori della marca trevigiana, Circolo Amissi de la Poesia, Italy
Sezione:Biografie, "Noi gente d'emigrazione - ricostruire un cammino"
Ed. Gro-Set 1999, NOTE BIOGRAFICHE, Diana Ruzzene Grollo Ť nata
a "le Mure" - Motta di Livenza.  Vive in Australia.

I Nostri emigranti Si Raccontano
By Don Matteo Pasut, Italy 2008



Radio Interviews

Radio 3LO - 1630, 3rd July 1997 - with Terry Laidler

Radio 3AW - 1030, 11th July 1997, with Neil Mitchell

ABC, 30th July 1997

Radio 3CR, 9th August 1999, Accent of Women

Television Interview

GTV 9 "Today" at 7am, 2nd September 1997


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