Cooper's Creek

The Trevisani

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Cooper's Creek Gippsland - The Trevisani,
by Diana Ruzzene Grollo

This book is an historical/sociological account of Cooper's Creek Gippsland and its Italian community. In the first few chapters, the author gives a general history of the area and its natural resources. In the remaining chapters, which is the bulk of her research she concentrates on the years between 1930 and 1950. The research demonstrates the hardship of the mostly Italian - Trevisani men's work in the lime quarry, kilns and woodcutting, at the White Rock Lime Company. In the period of the Economic Depression the men gravitated to find work in this harsh environment so that a cluster of Italian - Trevisani - men, developed. The author brings to the foreground this group of Trevisani migrants and describes their daily life of work, the comradeship, the alienation, the subsequent arrival of their families, the practice of their culture and the fear during the war years.

Whilst, at present their is little evidence of the Cooper's Creek and the Jubilee townships, the author bring to life the bustling towns and its people who lived there in that period. The book is well illustrated with many beautiful photographs, which are reproduced in sepia to give the character of those times and create a work of art. Effectively, there are two books. One is the written text and the other is a type of photograph album. These are intertwined to recreate the stories of the many people who lived and worked at the White Rock Lime Company, in Cooper's Creek and Jubilee, Gippsland, Victoria.

This book consists of 250 pages and can be purchased for AU$35.00 includes GST which also includes over 150 reproduced sepia photos.

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Diana Ruzzene Grollo
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