World War 1 In Italy
Not a Side Show

Diana Ruzzene Grollo

This book is intended to bring to light that the World War 1 theater in Italy was not a side show as often said by main narrative writings. It was a real war with huge destruction of people and properties.
This book is about real people who fought in the trenches on the Isonzo River War Front in northern east Italy. Some battles were won and others lost, all with great loss of life.

I write about a people who suffered under occupation of the Austro-Hungarian empire's Army. For a year, some were evicted from their homes, all suffered depravation of food, heating and their homes were pillaged. The occupying soldiers had taken everything of value.

This Italian theater of war lasted four years. It is not a lineal narrative but a weaving tapestry of many colors, - the ideology, political movements, religion belief, elites superiority, industrialists on the verge of the new industrialization of Italy, of famine during the war, the destruction of families and the forced emigration.

The people in this tapestry are grandparents and the great grandparents of my grandchildren, it is for these children that I write to demonstrate the hardship that was endured and choices made, thereby giving us their decendents a better life in Australia. These great grandparents were not in Gallipoli or France, but were fighting as allies.

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